Who We Are

A rural Fisherman on his boat

"If you give me a fish, you have fed me for a day. If you teach me to fish, you have fed me until the water is polluted and the beach is taken for hotel development.

But if you teach me to organize, then whatever the challenge, I can join together with my community and we will develop our own solution."

Sevalanka Foundation is a Sri Lankan development organization that enhances the capacity of disadvantaged rural communities to identify and address their own development needs. Through our own professionals and our links with other service providers, we coordinate training and support services that contribute to the economically viable, socially just and ecologically sustainable development of Sri Lanka.

Sevalanka, a registered non-profit, works with two "daughter organizations" to provide an integrated and complementary package of services. Sewa Finance is a registered microfinance institution that provides financial services to community organizations and rural entrepreneurs. Sewa Economic Development Company (SEDCO) is a social enterprise that focuses on fair trade, value chain investments and enterprise development services.


Is Organic the way: Farmer's Research, Deniyaya

The Organic tea programme which started in 2011 in Deniyaya in the villages of Keeriwelagama, Kiriweldola and Batayaya will be completing 3 years soon.

The project started with 25 farmers, and during the course of the project we have gathered more farmers and now have 60 farmers who are converting their quarter acre (to start) of tea plantations into organic tea plantations. During these three years, the farmers themselves have realised the benefits of organic methodology and they themselves have increased their parameter from quarter acre to one whole acre of organic farming.. Read more..

Be a Change-Maker!

Ms. Shashila Priyadarshani returned home as she was not paid for months and was not given enough to eat. Sevalanka’s psychosocial support team helps many returnee migrants like Shashila to overcome past trauma, uplift their mental well being and live a better life. Now, Shashila earns Rs. 15,000 a month with the sewing machine she was provided with by the project. “At last I can look forward with hope,” says Shashila.

Read how Sevalanka helped make it possible.

Annual Report 2012/13